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A.S.O. cares about Your Privacy and wants to preserve Your confidence.  Regarding the Personal Data you have authorized Us to process, Cookies are considered as Personal Data. We inform You in this Cookie Policy in all transparency how cookies are stored in Your device when You connect to Our Site, be it through a computer, a tablet, a connected TV or a smartphone.

1) What is a cookie?

 Cookies refer to small text files or tracers that are likely to be placed, read and stored on your personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone when You visit Our Site. Cookies assign a unique identifier to Your device which allows the Site to remember Your actions and preferences (such as Your preferred language and other display preferences) for a given legal period.  Cookies can also help You customize Your browsing experience. These cookies allow Us to get to know You better and customize Your user experience, allow You to follow us on Social Networks and make it easier for you to browse the Site.

2) Different types of Cookies

 There are two main categories of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies.

Session cookies allow the Site to track Your browsing from page to page so that You are not asked for the same information You have already provided to the Site.  These Cookies allow You to browse many pages of the Site quickly and simply without having to identify Yourself to each new page You visit. These cookies remain on Your device until You close your browser, disappearing automatically at Your browser closure.

Persistent cookies help the Site to remember Your information and settings when You come back to the Site in the future. It results in a faster and more suitable access for you. On your first visit, the Site is presented in default mode. During Your visit, You select Your Preferences, which are kept in memory for Your next visit through the use of Persistent Cookies.

2.1. Technical Cookies, called Essential Cookies

These cookies are essential to the proper functioning and allow You to navigate through the Site. Without them, You would neither be able to browse the Site nor use some of its functions. Because these cookies are essential, they cannot be deactivated. These cookies do not keep any personal data.Therefore, their state appears as "Always Active."

2.2. Analytics Cookies (Performance Cookies):

These cookies allow Us to analyze our Site's browsing, make statistics and improve Your user experience. The analyses are carried out on anonymized aggregated data. For example, performance cookies show Us the pages of the Site which are more frequently visited, to better know the overall usage behavior of the Site, to anticipate the difficulties that You are likely to find on the Site. These cookies allow Us to improve the Site.

2.3. Functionality Cookies

These Cookies allow you to set up Your display preferences for the Site display. They allow the Site to remember Your choices, including the preferred language or region. These Cookies also allow You not to have to set Your choices each time You connect to the Site and avoids You to see messages targeted to a User who connects for the first time.These cookies can also be used to provide You with personalized services and content.

2.4. Targeting Cookies

These cookies are placed by Our Partners or most of all, by Social Networks when You visit Our official pages or. These cookies allow them to send to You targeted advertising based on Your interests. They can also limit the number of times an ad is offered to You.If You disable these cookies, You will continue receiving advertising that may not match Your interests.

2.5. Social Network Cookies

When you follow A.S.O. or Our Events in Our official pages, Social Networks drop cookies on your device. We have no control over the process used by Social Networks to collect information about Your browsing on Our site and associate it with Your personal data they have. We advise You to carefully read their privacy and cookie policies in order to acknowledge how they use the browsing information they collect, including advertising. Their respective policies must inform You also about Your rights, how to exercise them and how to set up your consent.





3) Cookies settings.

3.1 Through our Cookie Management Platform (recommended).

Our Site allows you to set up the cookies the Site can store on Your device, by using the interface directly accessible by clicking on the button “Cookie Settings” You find in the cookie banner at Your first connection. You are free to change Your mind and change Your cookie choices at any time. You can thus set them up by clicking on the button "Cookie Settings" at the bottom of our Site.

3.2 Setting Up Your Internet Browser

Some internet browsers allow You to set up cookies and tracers purpose by purpose, both on your fixed devices and on your mobile devices. Each browser may have a different configuration. Whatever the browser You use is concerned, You will have to go to “Options” to be able to configure Your Privacy & Security settings, and therefore select purpose by purpose, the Cookies You accept to be stored on Your device and the Permissions You want to give to the Sites (location, camera, images, sensors, etc.).   

Example: Firefox:

1.       Go to Options.

2.       Click on Privacy and Security

3.       Go to Cookies and Site Data

4.       Go to Permissions  and select which ones You wish to allow. Are concerned Your location, the use of the camera, etc.

Some Browsers propose a “Do not Track” button which is not always understood by sites and mostly, by advertisers, as a Privacy setting. Whether You want to have more information to properly set up Your Privacy in each one of the main browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge), We advise You to read the CNIL's recommendations on its website: A.S.O. is not accountable neither for the Privacy Policy nor for the Cookie Policy of Your Browser and cannot be held liable about Your browser’s compliance. We advise You to read Your Browser’s Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy. Be aware that the “DoNotTrack” setting proposed by some versions of some browsers is not always interpreted as an opposition to tracking by advertising agencies and is therefore not sufficient enough to manifest Your choice.

4) Cookies Retention

 If You consent to the storage of Cookies on Your device, they will be kept for up to thirteen (13) months from their storage on Your device. At the end of this period (or if you manually delete Your cookies), Your consent will be required again, and You will need to set up Your choices directly in the Cookie banner via the Cookie Management Platform or through Your browser.

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